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Book Consultation - $100
Just like our services are completely custom, so are the consultations. We are here to help you with whichever part of the process you need assistance with. This includes the design process, the editing or sequencing of the book, advice on which materials to use for your book.

Book project consultations typically include how to make the best possible object within your budget, how to complete the book within your timeline, and other important details about the process of completing your project. The fee includes the hour, as well as research and preparation by the Conveyor Arts staff to make sure your consultation is as productive as possible, in order to make that happen, please list your objectives in the comments section below!

Important: Please be on time for your appointment, if you are late for your appointment, the meeting will end at the scheduled end time. The NYC area has heavy traffic and transportation delays, please allow enough time to travel to our studio. We are not responsible for late or lost appointment time.

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